Managing Admin Access Roles

Admin Access Roles are managed in Access and Roles > Roles

To Create a new Admin Access Role, select the Create New Role button and then select Admin Access. On the create screen, start by providing a name and description of the role being created.

Next, Page Access permissions must be selected. Pages, sections, and modules of Gatekeeper are listed alphabetically. Each listed item has one or more permissions (Create, Edit, View, All). For each listed item, select the permissions to apply to this role. If a Create or Edit permission is selected, the View permission for that item is automatically selected.

The final field of an Admin Access Role is the Area Access field. Here, Areas are selected for the role. Content, identities, visits, etc. that a logged in Admin User may view will be filtered by the Areas in the Admin Access Roles that user has.

Example: Katie is given the “Report Generation Role” which has access to all of the Reports pages (Audit Report, Escort Report, etc.) and Area 1, 2, and 3. When Katie logs in, she will only be able to generate reports for those three areas. The other areas in the system will not show up as options for her to use.

When multiple roles are assigned to a single Admin User, the Permissions and Areas from those Admin Access Roles are combined. Meaning, the user will have access to all pages selected in all Admin Access Roles they have along with content from all the Areas selected in all Admin Access Roles they have.

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