Keys & Objects in Access and Roles

While permission protected objects such as Keys are managed in Access Devices, the Access and Roles module provides details on what roles they are part of and what identities have been assigned access to them.

Select the Keys & Object tab at the top. All existing permission protected keys and objects will be displayed. To view details of an object, select the View button for that object.


On the object's details page, there are two options on the left. Identities with Access shows identities with direct access to the Object. Additional Identities may have access through assigned Roles. Specifics for any of the listed identities can be viewed by selecting the Update Roles button for one of the listed identities.


The Roles page shows what roles this object has been added to. Any identity that has been assigned on of these roles will have access to the object. To modify any of the listed roles, select the Edit Role button. 


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