Mass Enrollment of Groups via Upload

Visit & Guest Management allows mass Enrollment of Groups via an Excel document upload.

Login using Admin credentials.


On the Admin Menu at the top of the screen, select Event Management.


Select the Uploads tab on the top menu.


On the Uploads screen select Download Group Form.

Input the Group name and the number of Groups you wish to create. If creating more than one, the downloaded Excel document will feature multiple sheets.


Open the downloaded Excel document, fill in details for the Group(s) you wish to enroll in the system. Each Group is represented on a sheet in the document. When finished, save the file and prepare to upload it on the Uploads screen.

Use the file uploader to upload the file you just saved.


A confirmation screen will display with the information from your uploaded file. Review the information and select Confirm to Enroll the new Group(s) into the system.


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